PERU Inspired is a unique lifestyle brand where North and
South meet through optimism, color, vitality, and authenticity.
PERU Inspired is a brand where culture and commerce meet to
tell an inspired story of a magical place: Perú.
 PERU Inspired comes from a true sense of place. Peruvian
artisans not only make the products; they own the company.


We strive to create opportunities for artisans from the Andes to access a better lifestyle by opening markets and developing long-term relationships with our customers. 

We aim to reconnect the modern age to the creativity and expression of the native peoples of Peru, the Incas. We do this by offering our artisans design and product development advice, quality control assistance and improved tools and working conditions.

We are the ambassadors of the ancient and rich culture of Perú where tradition has been written by many hands using natural materials and ancestral knowledge.



 Perú Inspired

Handmade Peruvian Authenticity