Large Rainbow Llama - Limited Edition

Handmade Alpaca Fur
Inspired Peru

$ 130.99

This limited edition handmade alpaca fur stuffed animal, features a fluffy llama that has been carefully made using different colors of fur. The work and care of creating this beautiful design make this llama a piece of art.

Our handmade stuffed animals are especially soft and squeezable, these furry friends are handmade and each is one-of-a-kind with unique patterns and personality like the alpacas themselves.


- Super Soft.

- Natural & Hypo-Allergenic.

-Due to nature of the product, colors may vary.

- Size: 16" approx.



About The Rainbow Llama

Peruvian culture is unique to the rest of the world, and anyone who has been there or who is familiar with life there understands that what you notice aside from the beauty of the landscape and the people is the color. There is color almost everywhere, and it’s a signature component of what your senses get to experience when you’re in this magical place.

Now you can bring a dash of those colors home to you with Inspired Peru’s Limited Edition Rainbow Llama. This alpaca fur stuffed animal has a unique design and is definitely worthy of being included in any South American artisan collection, as it’s made with ethically sourced, soft, bright alpaca fur of different colors. 

Each patch of fur was hand-dyed and carefully placed for the best combination and pattern of colors in the little Peruvian town of Andes by our community of artisans.

If you want to stand it up as a decoration, it will not only stand up, but stand out. If you want to cuddle with it, you’ll immediately notice how soft it is. It is not only soft, but hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about any sneezing or other reactions.

Get your Limited Edition Rainbow Llama today and bring a little piece of Peruvian culture into your world without even leaving your home! You’ll be glad you did as you enjoy that extra splash of tasteful color.