4 Reasons Why Alpaca Winter Wear Is Better For This Time Of Year

Just like that famous TV show we all know stated, winter is coming. And with it, come many things, like snow, cold fronts, icy winds, and a lovely, frozen atmosphere. In order to enjoy this frosty season, you need the right attire. And alpaca winter wear is perfect to keep you warm and toasty throughout the holidays. 

What Are The Advantages of Alpaca Fur/Wool?

Aside from alpacas being one of the cutest animals on the face of the Earth, their fur is extremely soft, durable, sustainable, and warm. Chelsea Batten, a writer and photographer from The Manual, states that the  ”perfect sweater, my friends, is the one made from alpaca.” This is because it “combines warmth, softness, durability, and a slew of other fetching qualities to keep me moving freely and comfortably all winter long.” Here are the 4 main reasons why alpaca winter wear is better for this time of year:

Alpaca Fur Is…

Incredibly Warm

Unlike sheep’s wool, which contains pockets of air, alpaca fur is made of a hollow fiber, which allows it to trap in heat. This means that wearing an alpaca sweater is a little like wearing a portable radiator.


Merino wool, one of the favorite materials used for warm undergarments, is naturally moisture-wicking… up to a point. If you go hiking in cold weather, you’re going to start sweating, which means the wool fiber will eventually be saturated with moisture, leaving you feeling clammy and cold. As we mentioned before, alpaca wool is hollow, which means there’s no fiber core for the moisture to get trapped in, keeping you nice and dry no matter what you’re doing.


Cashmere is produced from a goat breed found in Mongolia, China, Iran, Tibet, India, and Afghanistan. Since these goats have very little fat, they need an extra layer of protection for the cold winter months. Thus, they develop a soft, fleecy fiber underneath their fur coat, which is what makes up cashmere. But these fine hairs are not what compounds the entirety of their coats, which means that you need a fair amount of goat hairs to produce a single cashmere garment. But unlike cashmere goats, alpacas are fuzzy all around! This means that they have an ample amount of fur that can be shed to produce an enormous round of alpaca sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, and more. This makes it a far more sustainable alternative to cashmere and other types of wool.

Buttery Soft

Sheep wool is known for being very warm and perfect for winter. But it’s also known for its scratchy, prickly, and itchy properties. Sheep produce lanolin and oil in their wool, which is then transferred to any garment made with it. But since alpacas don’t produce either, the material is hypoallergenic and ideal for anyone with dermatological conditions. Or for anyone that’s looking for a warm, buttery soft sweater that doesn't itch or scratch the skin. So yes, alpaca fur is extremely, luxuriously, deliciously soft

Alpaca Winter Wear Products

To start including alpaca winter wear in your cold season wardrobe, we have a few warm and fuzzy options that will keep you toasty all through the winter.


Our alpaca winter hats are hand-knitted by different communities of women from Puno, Peru. There are different varieties of styles and colors to choose from that will keep your head warm.


Cute, fun, fuzzy, and above all, warm. This is everything you'll find in our alpaca fur earmuffs.


Our warm, soft alpaca fingerless gloves come in all lengths, patterns, and colors. They are hand-knitted by knitter women from Peru. 


Elegant and buttery soft, our alpaca scarves have been hand-knitted by artisan women from Peru. They will keep you looking dashing while also helping you stay warm throughout the coldest months of the year. 


It’s not all about what you wear. It’s also about what you cuddle under. Our handcrafted, luxurious alpaca throws are made by master artisans in The Andes of Peru. They will brighten up any space while also providing the perfect warm and fuzzy cuddling companion.

Alpaca winter wear is definitely the best choice for your cold-weather wardrobe. It’s softer, warmer, more sustainable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. And to be honest, it’s so soft that you’ll feel you’re wearing a cloud of warm hugs. Stay toasty warm with our amazing selection of alpaca winter wear.