Handmade & Eco- Friendly Peruvian Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for new Peruvian jewelry to add to your own collection or a sustainable and meaningful gift for a loved one, jewelry is an accessory that we can cherish for a lifetime.

At Inspired Peru, we offer handmade & environmentally conscious Peruvian jewelry for a little extra glamour. We’re dedicated to thoughtful sourcing, fair wages, and give-back initiatives that make an impact. 

Our traditional Peruvian Jewelry uses sustainable materials and textiles that feature vibrant and bright colors with patterns and designs from The Andes of Peru.

Our Materials: 

Tagua: Tagua, (pronounced Tag-wah) is an eco-friendly natural substitute for elephant ivory derived from the nut of the tagua palm. Tagua has the same appearance, density, and feel as animal ivory but doesn’t cause harm to animals of the rain forests where it is gathered. 

Our stunning tagua jewelry from Peru is handcrafted by master artisans in our community in Lima, Peru.

cute jewelry 

Bull Horn: We exclusively use recycled horns that would go to waste and create our pieces. The horns are byproducts, meaning no animals were harmed to make any of our items. 

The Incas have used bull horns for generations to craft instruments and intricate jewelry pieces that women wore during festivities and celebrations. 

 Bull horn is unusual in the sense that no two pieces are alike. The natural mix of colors and the beautiful, elegant texture makes for truly unique pieces.

 Bull Horn Jewelry

Traditional Peruvian Textiles: Peruvian jewelry is known for its bright, vibrant, beautiful colors. Local artisans use vegetable dyes to give our jewelry the quintessential Peruvian beautiful and lively colors. Our alpaca yarn and cotton dyes don’t contain harmful chemicals or carcinogenic components. Instead, we use vegetables like beetroot, tomatoes, carrots, leafy greens, and colorful fruits to naturally color the textiles we use to make our traditional Peruvian jewelry.

Peruvian Jewelry

Social Impact With Inspired Peru: 

 We’re working to sustainably end cycles of poverty through employment in Peru. Upholding traditional craft techniques, our artisans produce exceptional authentic Peruvian jewelry in exchange for fair wages and compensation. 

When you make a purchase at Inspired Peru, the proceeds will help feed 9 children under the age of 10, buy supplies for 5 children, and create opportunities for 6 families in Lima, Peru.


What Makes Jewelry Eco-Friendly?

 Utilizing all-natural materials, repurposing vintage wood or fabric, being conscious of emitting pollutants into the environment, and conserving resources like water and energy help create eco-friendly jewelry.  

Our traditional Peruvian jewelry is made by local artisans who use the same handcrafting techniques of their ancestors. This slow, methodical approach is done in a small workshop. Our pieces aren’t mass-produced in carbon-emitting factories.  Our skilled artisans often seek ways to reuse or recycle in their artwork. Respect for the environment and animal and human life drive the artwork itself.

 What’s better than a gorgeous piece of jewelry? Gorgeous jewelry that’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical. 

Browse our collection of authentic Peruvian jewelry. Look good & do good with Inspired Peru.