4 Reasons Why Handmade Crafts From Peru Are The Perfect Gift

Peru. The land of cute alpacas, great ceviche, and imposing, colorful mountains. It’s a country with rich history and even richer culture whose traditions and crafts have managed to transcend both time and space. We believe that gifting someone a Peru craft is to give them a piece of a beautiful country, its foundations, its people and its beliefs.

Why Choose Gifts From Peru

Handmade crafts for Peru are lively, colorful, and full of life. And that’s one of the reasons why Peruvian crafts make the perfect gift you can give someone else. Let’s dive into the other reasons. 

1. Ethical, Sustainable & Fair Trade

At Inspired Peru, we focus on selling fair trade products made by true Peruvian artisans. The artisans are the main characters here, handcrafting each piece with meticulous care and expertise. This makes our line of production ethical, sustainable  & fair trade: the only eco-conscious wholesale company where the artisan is the owner.

2. Made By Real Peruvian Artisans

This is one of the most important points we focus on. Inspired Peru is 100% owned and operated by Peruvian artisans, which means that proceeds from our fair trade shop go directly to the artisans: families and community members in The Andes of Peru. And that’s what makes us different. These artisans use their skills, passed down from generation to generation, to bring you the most beautiful and unique gifts. 

3. Beauty of Handcrafted Products

Soft & elegant alpaca throw blankets, beautiful & fluffy alpaca stuffed animals, bright purses and bags, cozy winter wear, hats, and gloves, or even fuzzy alpaca slippers. From home decor to colorful belts, any handcrafted product from Peru is worth every penny.

4. Unique & One Of A Kind

Because our products are handmade, we can customize them at a fair price. This means that your product will be a unique & one of a kind present that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It will make whoever received your present be eternally grateful for such a special and unrepeatable gift. 

Gift Ideas 

If you need inspiration on what to gift, here are a few options:


Gifting someone handmade crafts from Peru means only one thing: that you love them with all your heart. Whether you decide to gift a handwoven basket, handcrafted jewelry, a cute alpaca stuffed animal or a home decor piece that will liven up their living room, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re giving them something an artisan made with their own two hands, through a careful crafting process that ended in a unique, one of a kind, ethical, sustainable, and fair trade product. And to us, that is the best thing you could ever give.