Chincheros needs our help

The beautiful and unique city of Chincheros in Cusco is one of the Must Sees Places while visiting Peru.
This city is full of artisans and small communities that make their living by selling their handmade products to tourists that visit the area.
Unfortunately, for the last 6 months the country of Peru has its borders closed due to the pandemic.
As a result, all artisans are struggling to make a living, this crisis has affected not just their day to day life but also their families.  They have had to pull their kids from schools and many of them are having a hard time trying to find help to cover basic needs.
One of these communities is led by Marleny Callañaupa, who I met on my last trip to Cusco.
Marleny  called me a few weeks ago letting me know how critical is the situation in Chincheros.
She also mentioned that she had some handmade products in Miami with a friend, these pieces were going to be part of an exhibition she was going to do this year, but due to the pandemic was cancelled.
I jumped him in on the opportunity to help out her community. I brought all items to California and now they are on their own page on our website. All proceeds from the sales go directly to Marleny's community.
If you are able to help out Marleny's community please purchase some of their products in this link and share it with you friends and family.
Artisans from Chincheros