Peruvian lady smiling

What makes us different…

 Inspired Peru is 100% owned and operated by Peruvian artisans. Proceeds from our fair trade shop go directly to the artisans, who just happen to be our families and community members in The Andes of Peru.

Because we hand make our products and artisan gifts, we can customize them at a fair price. Our artisan gift shop includes everything from fair trade home decor to Peruvian pom-pom garlands. When you buy from us, you're buying directly from the artisan.

Who we are....

Hi there, I'm Carlos, the founder of Inspired Peru. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Growing up, I saw both of my parents working tirelessly, creating handmade products to support little brother and myself.

My father is a gourd carving artisan, and my mother was a weaver and would make artisan gifts like charming alpaca products. She would meticulously craft fingerless gloves, hand-knitted alpaca hats, super soft warm alpaca throws, and more handmade Peruvian products.

Being from Peru, I learned to appreciate handmade products and love my Peruvian heritage and culture from a young age. After leaving Peru, I moved to California, where I still live today.

I've worked in the customer service and retail industry, where I learned a lot about the respective fields. One thing that stood out to me the most was when companies put a lot of focus on the story behind a product - I'm quite the avid storyteller myself.

After some research, I couldn't find any companies that sold clothes made in Peru or other fair trade home decor that was owned by a Peruvian artisan. These people were working hard only to have a larger corporation take credit for their story.

Inspired Peru was born with the realization there's not another fair trade, sustainable, and eco-conscious wholesale company where the artisan is the owner. We believe artisans are the main characters in a company, not just the ones who make the product. We want to tell you our story.