Peruvian Artisans Voice

Peruvian art is often synonymous with intricate designs, bright colors, elaborately crafted woven items, and finally, some of the world’s oldest art forms hailing from the Andes. At Inspired Peru, we’re bringing vibrant, cheerful, and masterfully handcrafted goods to our friends, and community members throughout the US.


Who we are:

Inspired Peru is owned and operated by Peruvian artisans. We’re passionate about preserving our ancient, rich heritage and creating better opportunities for hard-working artisans from the Andes. Being Peruvian artists ourselves, we understand the dire need for a better lifestyle for the beautiful, kind, and loving artists in Peru.


A Community of artisans in Peru:

We’re part of the community of talented Peruvian artisans. Us, along with our community members make all of the goods we sell. We’re proud to say that we never resell other artisan’s work or part from third-party sellers. Our team of artisans in Peru make the items we sell just as they would hundreds of years ago. However, working conditions are vastly different. Far too many of these incredibly talented artists don’t have a voice, we’re committed to being that voice. We offer product development advice, quality control assistance, better tools, and much better working conditions. As ambassadors of the magnificent culture of Peru, we will continue to encourage using natural materials to make beautiful pieces of art.

Our products:

Peruvian arts and crafts can mean so many different things to people. For some, maybe it’s an ornate floor pillow donned with bright tassels or a woven handbag. We embrace all kinds of diverse goods here at Inspired Peru. It’s important for us as a company to offer a variety of products. From an alpaca fur toy, Peruvian jewelry, to handmade Peruvian home decor, we hope to have that perfect item to brighten up your day and your home.

Check out our different categories below.

Alpaca Plush: We sell adorable alpaca stuffed animals, alpaca stuffed bears, super soft stuffed llamas, and oh so much more. Our cheerful furry friends are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s day!

Peruvian home decor: Our unique rugs and bright floor pillows were created to bring more light, love, and creative inspiration to your living room.

Peruvian jewelry: Jewelry is one of the best ways to showcase personality, style, and taste. Our jewelry items are inspired by the colors of nature, created to allow women to feel more connected to Mother Earth while rocking one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Accessories: When people think of Peruvian arts and crafts, most likely, an image of a bright poncho or woven handbag comes to mind. Peruvian bags are replicated and sold all around the world. Our bags are 100% authentic and shipped to you right from Peru!

Winter wear: Our alpaca fingerless gloves will keep you warm all winter long. Wrap yourself in a cozy scarf or keep the cold weather out with an alpaca throw blanket.