Alpaca Slippers

Meet your new fuzzy and cozy best friends. Luxurious alpaca fur slippers aren’t your ordinary pair of house shoes. Inspired Peru’s alpaca fur slippers are crafted using the softest alpaca fur to keep you comfortable. Step into the pillowy cloud as soon as you get home. Chances are you won’t want to take them off. 


How To Wear Them: 

alpaca slipper 

Alpaca fur men’s and women’s slippers are perfect for keeping cold feet warm during the winter, but you can also wear them year-round. Alpaca fiber is exceptionally breathable (it breaths while it insulates), meaning your feet will stay at the ideal temperature without overheating or sacrificing warmth. Plus, the more you wear them, the comfier they get! The memory foam sole molds to your foot shape for added comfort and support, essentially giving you a customized fit. 


Throw on the fuzzy and cozy slippers when you are  lounging at home or wear them for short outside trips like picking up the mail, taking out the trash, or letting your pup outside to use the bathroom. The resistant suede sole is tough enough to wear our alpaca fur slippers outside, but if worn on concrete too much, you could damage the slippers. We recommend staying comfortable and warm indoors. 


Alpaca wool is known to be incredibly soft, lightweight, clean, yet still durable all at the same time. Alpaca fur is odors resistant and will not retain moisture, but if you want to learn how to keep alpaca slippers always fresh and clean, be sure to check out our care section on how to keep your alpaca slippers clean.

 alpaca slippers

How It’s Made:


Our cruelty-free slippers are made from ethically sourced alpaca fur. Our cute alpaca slippers are made from alpaca fleece that’s been processed to create a luxurious alpaca fur slippers  that’s even softer than cashmere.

Our alpaca fur slippers come from the Andes of Peru, where some of the best quality alpaca yarn and fleece is sourced. The weather conditions and the alpaca’s food sources create the ideal climate and nutrition for the animals. Alpacas love munching on the lush green grass in the Andes. There isn’t much competition from other animals looking to eat the grass, leaving most of it to all the hungry alpacas to enjoy. 


Like all of our products, our alpaca slippers are handmade by our community of artisans in The Andes of Peru using sustainable alpaca fur. We do not kill any alpacas in order to get our fur to make our Peruvian slippers or any other products here at Inspired Peru. 



Shop our collection of men’s, women’s, and unisex luxurious alpaca fur slippers here. Trust us. Your feet will thank you. 

You can also see some of our super soft and cozy alpaca slippers in this video.